Farm Lease Opportunity Available

On Pasture readers Joanna and Dave Koob are looking for someone to lease their farm located in central Kentucky about 25 miles south of Lexington. The farm is 400 grazeable acres with a centrally located barn and working facilities that include a sweep pen, cattle chute and digital scale. Two years ago they also installed city water on the farm so water is readily available for rotational grazing.

Dave and Joanna moved from Ohio to Kentucky in 2012. In Ohio they ran a successful farm with a rotational grazing program. Their son had planned to work with them at the new place, but his plans have since changed. The Koobs say, “We have a grazing plan on site, and all we need is a good tenant willing to work with us, or some one we could partner with to help us get this underway. We have 20 years of pasture management history and we know rotational grazing and mob grazing works.”

To get more information about this opportunity, or to submit a letter of interest and your resume, you can contact Dave and Joanna via email at, or by snail mail at 2861 Poor Ridge Pike, Lancaster, KY 40444. The farm will be available starting in June of 2019.

To help you get started with your resume/letter, here’s a helpful article.

I’m sharing this as a service to On Pasture readers. I haven’t gotten many requests to do this, but if I do, we’ll all figure out a way to do it on an ongoing basis. Your thoughts are very welcome!

Thanks for reading!


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