Sometimes We Say Unpopular Things So You Can Save Money

From January of 2017, this Classic by NatGLC links to articles that help us consider how best to spend our money when it comes to livestock handling facilities. On Pasture started out the first two weeks of 2017 with two articles we thought were especially important. They were a continuation of Whit Hibbard's myth-busting series about cattle handling systems. First, we shared his findings that it's a myth that shadows, chains, trash and other distractions necessarily prevent animals from moving through handling chutes. With the next article, he busted the myth that expensive facilities work better than simple ones. He compared Temple Grandin's tubs and curved chutes with Bud Williams' "Budbox" and the Budbox came out on top. Not only is it much cheaper, but as the videos at the end of the article show, a novice handler, given a little instruction, can easily move cattle through a Budbox, while two experienced handlers, Curt Pate and Temple Grandin, have to push and shove (with a horse) and poke the cattle with a flagged stick to get

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One thought on “Sometimes We Say Unpopular Things So You Can Save Money

  1. Thanks to Whit for doing this good work and demonstrating Will Rogers sentiment, “It’s not what we know that get’s us in trouble, it’s what we know that ain’t so.”

    Three principles taught by Bud Williams make most any setup useful and a Bud Box a dream come true.

    1) Cattle want to go back where they came from.
    2) Cattle want to go around you.
    3) Let cattle move out of their flight zone to safety.

    Thanks for the good article,

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