Clearing Your Plate For a Fresh New Year

It's that time of year when we think about what's been going well, and give thanks for that, and then what we could do to make the new year even better. From December of 2015, Here is Chris Blanchard's list of things he's going to clear off his plate so he can start fresh in the coming growing season. Things that you have, but aren't using, suck up resources. ​Equipment sitting in the bone yard requires you to mow around it if you don't want a thistle patch. And sitting there, it occupies space on your balance sheet that could be converted to something productive. An unread book sitting on your bookshelf provides a great excuse for procrastination. Boxes that you no longer use take up space on the shelf, requiring you to work around them. Policies that you don't enforce erode your authority as an employer. Categories in your chart of accounts that you no longer use encourage miss-allocation of spending. Items on a to-do list that you don't intend to complete creates a soul-sucking cognitive dissonance. Resentment and bitterness occupy mental space that would be better used on love and kindness. Cleaning up and clearing out frees up mental, physical, and financial energy. It allows you to focus on the things that move your farm, business, and life in the direction you want to go. What can you clean up and clear out to free up your energy to more productive and rewarding uses? Thanks to the National Grazing Lands Coalition for making this arti

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One thought on “Clearing Your Plate For a Fresh New Year

  1. Poignant reminders from Chris, made all the more so by the fact that Chris passed away this fall. Thanks for sharing this article again.

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