Three Steps to a Profitable Farm/Ranch – Webinar This Friday

The whole purpose of On Pasture is to help more folks make a better living. We’ve addressed ways to do that with grazing management, understanding how your forage works, and ways to manage livestock. But I’ve always wanted to do more to address teh most heartbreaking complaint I hear over and over from farmers and ranchers everywhere: its hard to make a decent living.

Last April, after sitting in a room of about 1,000 people listening to a panel of young farmers say they couldn’t make a living farming and that farming should be considered public service….well something snapped and I decided I had to do something to change the conversation. That’s when I asked Charlotte Smith of 3 Cow Marketing to set up a special edition of her course for On Pasture readers.

Greg Judy introduced me to Charlotte at that same conference saying, “This is the best marketing advice I’ve ever heard!” Charlotte is really enthusiastic about sharing ideas that can make your operations more profitable, from charging a fair price for your products, to attracting the right customers.

Click to register for this Friday’s free webinar at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time.

Since then On Pasture has sponsored two free webinars with Charlotte, and I’ve participated twice in her “Farm Marketing From the Heart” course. I’ve seen some amazing things happen! The Facebook page for folks taking her course is full of farmers supporting each other, answering questions and writing about their successes, and saying things like this over and over:

“I had to come share a success with you all! I’ve been working Charlotte’s program for just a year now. Yesterday I got our first broiler chicks of the year. Today I sent out the first email regarding pre-orders. I was a little nervous because I significantly increased the price of our chicken. WITHIN AN HOUR I had pre-sold all of them. Before taking this class it would not have occurred to me to try and sell product two months before harvest. And I don’t think I would’ve had the guts to make such a big price increase. I really feel like this course has been a huge confidence builder for me. Feeling pretty excited about the coming year!”


I had such a fantastic day and wanted to take a minute to say “thank you” to Charlotte Smith and everyone in this course! I have learned so much and it has truly changed me, my farm and the future for my family.

When I started implementing what I learned in the course, I saw results fairly quickly. Once I got some momentum going, both my husband and I have continued to improve our ability to connect with customers. They bring their friends and family and it just keeps growing!

Today we had our January “Stock Up Day”, which is a drop point in a town about 45 minutes away with our largest customer base. I knew we had a lot of orders, it took 2-22 cubic foot chest freezers to hold them all!!!

We also allow walk up customers and had some people stop by to pick up a few things too. When it was all totaled at the end of the day I realized we had a record day of sales.

I also heard over and over again “you are doing such a great job. We love the emails. Thank you for what you do. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

I still have a lot of work to do and can improve in so many ways, but even without being perfect, it’s working! Pending some stuff happening at the day job, I’m hoping to leave it behind in April to focus on the farm and being a Mom. What Charlotte teaches along with all the inspiration and encouragement from this group has made it possible to even be thinking about this leap! I appreciate all of you so so much! ❤️”

Charlotte has to offer, and I think you’ll learn a lot from this Friday’s free webinar. For those of you growing your farms and ranches through direct marketing, I think this is the very best thing On Pasture can do for you.

Thanks for reading!


P.S. One more time – here’s the link to sign up! 🙂 And if you can’t be there live, sign up anyway. That way you’ll get an email with a recording of the webinar that you can watch later.

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