What is the Most Read Online Grazing Resource?

It’s On Pasture!

Surprised? I guess I am a little bit.

When I first talked to friends and colleagues about starting a grazing publication, all I really wanted to do was get good information to graziers in a format that was easy to understand and that could be applied quickly. I wasn’t thinking about world domination. I was just thinking that there is so much out there that isn’t readily available to the people who could use it most, and that seemed like a shame to me.

And so, six years ago this week, Rachel Gilker (Editor Emerita) and I published the first On Pasture articles. As we watched the clicks come in, we got more and more excited. You clicking and reading was hugely rewarding, and so, what was going to be a monthly publication became a weekly, just like that.

And our goal of 10,000 readers a month? Well On Pasture beat that in a big way by adding one more zero! We currently average between 100,000 and 110,000 readers a month.

We’re the Most Read Because We Have the Most Articles Available

As of March 19, 2019, there are 2,182 articles in our archives, and we add between 6 and 7 more each week.

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It’s easy to be Number 1 when we put out as many articles in a week as most publications put out in a month. We can do it thanks to a whole host of authors who’ve joined the On Pasture community and who share the vision of supporting good grazing for all. You can see all our contributors here.

We’ve Got the Information Graziers Need

Lots of new readers come to On Pasture via search engines. Right now they’re looking for grazing charts, the importance of tail docking lambs, the cost to lease pasture land, how to build their own Bud Box and working facilities, and how to frost seed and plant different forages. What folks want changes with the season, but our articles are all there whenever they’re needed.

What tickles me most is that the information is making a difference to you!

The On Pasture Community Is the Best Thing About Us

It’s not easy to find a mentor, and in grazing it can be especially so since many of us are choosing to do innovative things. But, with your help, we’ve become a community of graziers all sharing, learning and growing together.

Let’s Keep This Going!

None of this would be possible without our sponsors, and advertisers. We’d also like to thank all those readers who send in support. With your help, we meet our grant match so that On Pasture continues. If you haven’t had a chance to send in support, we hope you’ll join us today to celebrate On Pasture’s 6th birthday. Ongoing supporters are especially helpful!

Thanks for reading!


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