Sna-Koil™ – A Revolutionary Soil Treatment?

From Spring of's something to pay attention to. Sna-Koil™ is a revolutionary new product that works equally well for all crops, in all soil types, and in all environments. Farmers from Antarctica to Iowa, from Siberia to the Sahara, are raving about it! Used properly, Sna-Koil™ will: • MAKE YOU MONEY • Reduce your fertilizer costs • Increase your crop yields • Restore soil biological and nutrient balance if used at recommended rates for five consecutive years • Cause your corn to nodulate and to begin fixing nitrogen • Dissolve corn rootworm larvae • As a fuel additive, it will make your tractor run more smoothly, extend engine life, and improve efficiency. • Freshen your breath What’s In Sna-Koil™? Surely you don’t expect me to share proprietary secrets! You can be assured that it is made only of the finest ingredients, cultured with care, distilled to perfection in the Florida Everglades, and absolutely safe for all purposes. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations! A research summary is included to validate my claims. Due to space limitations, no details about my research methods are included. High quality photographs and convincing testimonials can be found at our website. Statistical information such as least significant differences (LSD) would be too confusing, so it is not included. The research w

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One thought on “Sna-Koil™ – A Revolutionary Soil Treatment?

  1. Well-written documentation of such an amazing new product. Can’t wait to get a couple of barrels. 😉

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