Know Where Your Food Comes From

By the time I was eating Wonder Bread they’d improved it so it built strong bodies 12 ways!

As a kid, even though I grew up in town, I knew a lot about where my food came from. In the summers, while Dad was at work, Mom took my brother and me, and sometimes some of the neighborhood kids, on field trips. We visited Monfort feedlots in Greeley, driving around among the pens and pens full of cattle. We toured the sugar factory and the canning plants in Longmont, so I knew how sugar beets got turned into sugar, and how the green beans got from the farm to the plant and into the cans. We even visited the Wonder Bread factory to see loaves of white bread and Twinkies being made. (I was a bit disappointed that we were given a loaf of bread instead of a package of Twinkies as our parting gift.) All that, plus lots of visits to my grandparents’ farms, makes me grateful for grocery stores, and everyone who makes it possible for me to pick what I need off the shelves.

I’ve also spent a lot of time learning about the people that support farmers and ranchers. I’m most familiar with what happens in the U.S., where we have agencies like the Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Farm Service Agency, Conservation Districts, the Cooperative Extension system, and more, all providing technical and financial assistance to help producers be more successful. They are all part of where our food comes from. And so is On Pasture.

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