On Pasture Articles in Books Designed Just For You

With this week’s issue, there are 2,363 articles in On Pasture’s archives. It’s that archive that has made On Pasture the most read grazing magazine around. Our stats show us the search terms folks use to bring them to On Pasture for answers. One question leads to more and, before you know it ,they’re regular readers. That’s what’s helped our readership grow by 30% over the last three years to an average of just under 110,000 a month in 2019.

We’ve tried to make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for by publishing in particular categories, providing a search engine for the site, and doing our best at “search engine optimization.”

But we think we could do more. So, we’re looking at the next step – collecting articles and publishing them in book/e-book form. That way you could read, say, everything we have on parasite management, stockpiling, setting up a grazing plan to take you from the start of the grazing season through the summer, winter grazing, or….

So – What Would You Like to Read?

This is where you come in. Would you like to see articles collected in booklet form? And what topics interest you most? Would you like to be able to order a hard copy, or a less expensive electronic copy? What do you think something like this might be worth?

Since On Pasture is all about giving you information you need to be successful, we want to be sure we’re keeping up with your needs. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the “book” idea and any suggestions you have for making our archive of articles easy to access.

Your ideas are very timely right now as we’re working on a grant to help fund On Pasture and these kinds of new efforts. Tell me what you want and what you like about On Pasture to help us help you!

Thanks for reading and for sharing your ideas and suggestions!


P.S. I know. Now you want to know why we don’t drink pig milk. Here you go.

2 thoughts on “On Pasture Articles in Books Designed Just For You

  1. I will try to keep to just one idea (my mind does wander sometimes, though):
    OnPasture has much to offer and the information is rarely static. Could there be a way to easily “publish” or group several articles into one “document”? I would use it as a pdf or other digital form to read or print out. When new articles or information become available, I could then easily update my edition.
    Suggestions of other articles to include can be useful, though sometimes that sends me down another trail!
    What do you think?

    1. Thanks, Bob! This is something we’re exploring. One of the problems is that it’s hard to figure out which of the articles folks might like as a group. So if you have thoughts on this, that would be helpful as well.

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