Your On Pasture Editor Could Use a Hug

Monday morning, as I was catching up with the weekend’s email, I was thinking, “Not very many people are sending in support for the fall fund drive. Does that mean On Pasture isn’t a worthwhile effort? Should I just give up?

And then – there it was. A reader sent in support – good-sized support too! I wrote Kat back to say how much it meant to me to get that email just then. I told her that sometimes I need a boost to make me take a deep breath and keep on figuring out how to make this whole thing work.

Kat wrote back to say “It’s a very worthwhile effort and thank you for doing it.” She listed off 5 other publications she subscribes to and said, “All of those publications combined don’t offer me the practical, real-world, I-can-use-this-today type knowledge that I routinely find in On Pasture.” She even told me that On Pasture gives her something she can apply on her place at least every other week.

She signed off by saying “Please keep doing what you do – it’s amazing and oh-so-useful.”

Getting that support from Kat for our Fall Fund Drive felt like getting a hug.

But I’m going to need a lot more hugs if On Pasture is going to keep on keeping on. You’d think that with 110,000 readers a month it would be easy – but it’s not.

Less than 1% of On Pasture readers send support.

If On Pasture has helped you, please help us keep on working for you into the future by sending your support.

To all 165 of you have pitched in during 2019, THANK YOU! When the emails come in telling me your monthly support has posted or that you’ve sent a one-time contribution, my day is brighter. It makes me want to sit down and find you more good information.

For those of you who haven’t done so yet, On Pasture needs YOU. Your response today will help us plan for 2020. It also helps us as a match to the Natural Resources Conservation Service Conservation Innovation Grant that has made up the bulk of our operating budget for the last three years. Without that match, we just don’t get funding.

So, today, let me know you appreciate On Pasture. Send me a virtual hug by clicking here and letting me know you support On Pasture for the future.

Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Your On Pasture Editor Could Use a Hug

  1. Over the last year I have witnessed many folks (mostly agency, Extension, NRCS, SWCD etc.) who tell their customers about all the good things OnPasture provides. They use it in the same breath as the other subscription-based published grazing resources I read and learn from. I can never have enough ways of learning about my craft. Sadly, I asked if these folks support your efforts they are touting and they equate it with “Why pay for it when you get the milk for free”. It’s not that it’s mean spirited, it’s sort of assumed that someone else will support it. And why question the validity, when I get plenty of publications for “Free”. It sort of becomes expected that we farmers are catered too in that way. In my opinion, it’s a wrong assumption. If you want good, solid, practical advice, you should be expected to invest in it. It’s why I invest in many worthwhile educational, professional and personal learning opportunities when I can. I can’t tell you how many times this action has brought me back positive results 3 fold. And the networking engagement is priceless that lives on for decades. I have suggested that if folks don’t feel a connection or won’t invest in a couple of bucks a month support for the effort every week then you shouldn’t be expected to work for free. It’s not fair after all these years of toil. I guess that’s why I’m a lousy marketer, I try and do good work and hope folks see that and support it in various ways. If I have to ask too hard or remind them too often, I guess I’ll just move along out to the pasture and take a nap with my cows. That’s more fulfilling. I am sending you a hug and a financial hug, in hopes it gets the fence-sitters to consider what’s at stake. Send Kathy a clear message so she can follow her passions for the good of all.

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