Hugs Are Making A Difference to On Pasture’s Future

First, a big thank you to everyone who sent me a hug last week. Thanks to each of you, On Pasture is getting where it needs to be, little by little. Along with the 36 readers who sent in support for On Pasture, some new and some renewing, I also got some really nice notes. This one is a great example:

If that rings true for you, please join Alexis and Gillies and send your support today.

Sponsors Help Make On Pasture Possible

Organizations and businesses have contributed a lot to On Pasture being where it is today.You can see all of our sponsors here.Today, I’d like you to help me welcome three new sponsors:

Missouri Forage and Grasslands Council
Representing forage and livestock producers, researchers, professors, agencies, and anyone with a stake in good grazing, MOFGC provides support and information to create success. As part of their work they put on some excellent conferences. Check out the 2019 conference here.

Florida Mineral Salt & Agricultural Products
This family owned and operated business brings 40 years of experience to support you with the supplements your livestock need. Now they support On Pasture too! They manufacture supplements for livestock and horses, and specialize in high quality vitamin, mineral and protein products in bulk, bagged, or liquid form.

Howling Wolf Farm
For Jenn Colby (On Pasture author) and her husband Chris Sargent, their farm is all about sharing the joy of food, family and community. As part of that, they invite folks to the farm for some of their award-winning BBQ, run grilling and cooking classes, and, most recently, successfully completed a crowd-funding project for a Yurt to house visitors. Jenn also sends very inspiring letters to those on her farm email list. Sign up and you’ll see what I mean.

You Can Be a Sponsor Too!

If you run a business or are part of an organization that benefits from what On Pasture does, please consider becoming a sponsor!

Your sponsorship can include advertising for upcoming events or for products. At a minimum, your logo and a link to your website will appear in the center block of each page. To learn more about what you’re supporting when you sponsor On Pasture, click here. To learn more about how you can become a sponsor at a level that suits you best, contact Peter Williams. We make it easy, and work with you to choose something that is just right for you.

On Pasture doesn’t happen without you. So please, send your support today!

Thanks for reading!


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