We Have One Month to Meet Our Match

If you haven’t heard, On Pasture is having a Fund Drive and we need YOU.

On Pasture is funded by a Conservation Innovation Grant from the Natural Resources Conservation Service and it requires us to raise $15,000 in match from our readers every year. That’s a very small, but important part of our operating budget because if you don’t participate, we don’t get funding and On Pasture goes dark.

With just 4 weeks to go this year, we still need $5,000. If you haven’t already made a contribution, now is the time.

On Pasture’s goal is to put more money in your pocket.

We think one of the most important services On Pasture can provide is helping you keep money in your pocket. That’s why we do what we do. And you tell us you like getting information from someone who has tested an idea and worked out the kinks, letting you learn from their successes and mistakes. So, that all seems to be working.

It’s hard to ask you to take a little bit out of your pocket and send it our way.

But the reality is that if we don’t ask for your help, On Pasture can’t keep going.

So, please help in any way you can. If it works for you, please consider becoming On-Going Supporter at $5 a month. That’s $60 every year for our match requirement. PayPal will charge your credit card once a month. And if something changes in your life and that no longer works for you, you can cancel further payments. Not only will you help keep On Pasture online, you’ll be able to ignore all future fund drive requests!

Consider Becoming an On Pasture Sponsor

By providing good information on a weekly basis, On Pasture supports Grazing Councils and Coalitions, Cattlemen’s Associations, and Conservation Districts, and a whole variety of businesses and organizations that put this information to work. If that describes you, consider sending some support our way. Here’s what you’re supporting when you sponsor On Pasture. To get started, contact Peter Williams.

Thank you for reading and being a part of the On Pasture Community. We thank you for your support!


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