Telling Our Story Matters

I’m especially excited about two of the articles we’re sharing this week because each tells

a story of the good stewardship farmers and ranchers bring to their work every day. But they come from very different times. One is a video just released October 2 by the National Grazing Lands Coalition. The other, written almost 60 years ago, describes practices that we would call “regenerative” today.

The reason I like these stories is that they are very positive examples of how farmers and ranchers work hard every day to protect and improve soil health and provide habitat and food for their communities. They also tell a story of our long history doing this. We learned a lot of lessons from the dust bowl era and our scientists and farmers did amazing work to develop and grow new forages that would thrive in drought while holding water and soil in place. This work, combined with improved animal genetics has made U.S. producers some of the most efficient in the world. And, while they didn’t use the words “sustainable” or “regenerative” to describe their management, that’s very much the business they were in.

We may not have always gotten it right. We may make mistakes along the way. But you all give me faith that we are make progress every day.

And…We Did It!

Thanks to everyone who sent support this year to meet our grant match. Because of you, and some especially generous sponsors, On Pasture made it over that hurdle. There are other hurdles to come, as we close out one grant and await news on whether our application for another is successful. But for now, I’m so grateful to everyone in the On Pasture community for your support and encouragement. Your letters and emails really make a difference!

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Thank you for reading and being a part of the On Pasture Community.


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