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Tips for Stockpile Grazing Timing, Fencing and Pasture Size

By   /  December 9, 2019  /  2 Comments

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From December of 2016, here are tips on pasture size, fencing equipment and more, to help with succe
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About the author

For more than 25 years, Victor Shelton, Indiana agronomist and grazing specialist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, has provided advice about grazing’s best practices. He travels across the state conducting pasture walks, working one on one with farmers and participating in grazing talks. He also writes a newsletter called "Grazing Bites" as a way to talk about current and seasonal grazing issues and what farmers need to be prepared for.


  1. Very insightful tips and easy to adopt.

  2. Richard says:

    Victor Shelton worth (re)reading anytime!
    Couple of thoughts from our experience:
    We’ve never used clips or leads to connect/energize; one more thing to keep up with. Either wrap the polywire tied to plastic handle around the hot wire. Or better yet buy a plastic handle that doubles as a direct ‘hot’ connection, depending how attached. Quick and easy, even with novices with fear of shocks.

    As for reels, just like polywire and handles, you get what you pay for. For the time saved, geared reels earn their keep quickly. Borrow a geared reel if you need to be convinced, or compare the two types at a pasture walk, trade show, etc.
    If you buy a cheap one (non-geared), perhaps your second or third reel can be geared. It’s all we buy now, and we’re very frugal…

    Keeping these polywire moves quick and simple makes it so much easier to arrange time away. Increasing the pool of helpers who can handle these moves.

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