A Little Holiday Break Brain Surgery For On Pasture 

A look behind the scenes at what keeps OP online.

Last week, we moved On Pasture’s brain from our old server to a better dedicated server. We’ve done this a couple of times in the past in response to increasing readership that required more and more space and more connections to the server.

In theory, the process is quick and painless and most readers will never know anything happened at all. There’s the day to a week that it takes to “migrate” the brain (all the files and software) from the old server to the new, and then another 48 hours for the address change to take effect. It’s all done digitally, and all I have to do is tell the folks at Hostgator to press the buttons that make it happen.

Except it never goes that smoothly.

Three years ago, it took 3 months to transition from one server to the next. This year, the transition itself went well, but then my desktop computer wouldn’t go to the new address. I couldn’t see On Pasture and I couldn’t get emails. My travel laptop worked, so we started the process of copying everything to it. It felt like I was having brain surgery too as my trusty computer failed me. I even felt a little sick with stress. How would I get this week’s issue to you? Would I need to buy a new screen, a new computer?

So – I did more brain surgery. With the help of Google, and by reading numerous articles online, I learned how to go into my desktop computer’s inner workings and write code to tell it where to find On Pasture. It worked! After several more hours of email troubleshooting, we got that back online too. Monday morning, after a week of turmoil, I was back at my desk with almost everything working like it should.

Now the test is can YOU tell the difference? If you can go to this week’s articles and you can’t see any change at all, that’s success. It means the new server is working, and we have the capacity we need to serve up articles as fast as you can read them.

Getting you a new server to start the new year was just one of the changes and improvements coming in 2020. In upcoming issues I’ll tell you more. I’ll also be asking for input from you and the whole On Pasture community to make sure you get what you need. So stay tuned. (And if you have ideas right now – send them on!)

Thanks for reading!


P.S. I will be speaking in Fort MacLeod, Alberta, Canada on Thursday. Come say hi!

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