What Does On Pasture’s Future Look Like?

Here’s your chance to make OP’s future something that works even better for you!

March of 2020 will mark seven years of On Pasture. What have we done together in that time? Check it out!

We think those are pretty good stats, but we think we could do even more. So we’re asking you to share your thoughts with us. Why do you read OP? How often do you visit? What do we give you that you don’t get elsewhere? What can we do better? What can we add?

If you’ll help us out by answering these questions, we’ll use your responses to make sure we keep heading the direction that serves you best. Your participation is also important because we share this information with funders to show you believe On Pasture is a valuable resource.

Demonstrating that On Pasture is valuable to you is especially critical right now.

The Conservation Innovation Grant from the NRCS that covered the majority of our operating budget from 2016 to November of 2019 has expired. So, for the time being, we’re operating without a net. Your input will help us put together the funding we need to keep On Pasture online.

Please head over here and take 5 minutes to answer these few questions. Your answers are anonymous and will only be used to make sure that On Pasture grows and becomes a better resource for you. There’s space for you to write your thoughts as well, and we read EVERYTHING, so don’t hesitate to speak your mind!

Also, we have some ideas about products On Pasture can provide that we think you’ll really like. Your input on those will help us determine what we do and in what order. We’ll be sharing more about that in future issues. So stay tuned for more! (And if you have ideas you’d like to share right now – send them on!)

Thanks for reading!


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