Create the Grazing Publication of Your Dreams!

Folks are sending us their ideas. Have you added your two cents?

On Pasture is preparing for its 7th birthday (coming this March) by asking readers what we can do to serve you better. Our short survey asks why you come to On Pasture, how often you come, what On Pasture provides that other publications don’t, what we can do better, and what kind of services or products we should add. Our goal is to make sure On Pasture is the grazing resource of your dreams.

Here’s a sample of what we’ve heard so far.

What Does On Pasture Provide That Others Don’t?

The words readers use most often here are “practical,” “relevant,” and “common sense.” Readers say On Pasture provides “real information from real people,’ and “good techniques I can afford and will make a go of our business.” Folks like that the content is “written for producers, not a general audience” and are “honest accounts from people who actually do, or try to do, what they write about, not just recommendations from experts on what should work.” On Pasture “comes from people who have walked the walk.”

Topics of Interest

Readers asked for more articles on climate change, livestock marketing, animal housing, public lands grazing, and options for housing animals. One reader asked for more critical reviews of different grazing methods. One suggestion we’ll implement right away is to include information on where the location of stories to help you adapt practices to your own operation more easily.

New Services Suggestions

Readers have suggested an On Pasture podcast, webinars, and training videos. They’ve also requested that we put together summaries collected from OP articles outlining best practices for different topics. One reader also suggested we flesh out something we’ve talked about together: the “On Pasture Experience Network (OPEN)“, an online opportunity for readers to ask questions and get answers from experts. We also got a request to bring back the Classifieds that we offered for the first few years.

What Do YOU Think?

Do you see something here you would like us to focus on? Do you have more ideas to add to the mix?
Please let us know by taking a couple minutes to respond to our short (VERY SHORT) survey. We’ll use your responses to make sure we keep heading the direction that serves you best. Your participation is also important because we share this information with funders to show you believe On Pasture is a valuable resource.

Demonstrating that On Pasture is valuable to you is especially critical right now.

The Conservation Innovation Grant from the NRCS that covered the majority of our operating budget from 2016 to November of 2019 has expired. So, for the time being, we’re operating without a net. Your input will help us put together the funding we need to keep On Pasture online.

Please head over here and tell us your ideas. Your input is anonymous and will only be used to make sure that On Pasture grows and becomes a better resource for you. We read EVERYTHING, so don’t hesitate to speak your mind!

Thanks for reading!


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