The Future is Looking Bright for On Pasture

The other day, my good friend John Marble was asking me about On Pasture’s future, given that our grant funding hadn’t been renewed and we’d lost about 70% of our funding. He said that when I spoke about it, he heard faith, and confidence that things would work out.

Of course, he wasn’t around when I first got the news and then quickly sorted through the contingency plans I always carry around in the back of my mind. Among them were:

1) Give up, sell the house, move into our pop-up camper and live on the road, or
2) Rush around to find more grant opportunities.

The first one wasn’t going to work out. Neither my cat nor my husband would be happy living in that little space for longer than a week or so. The second didn’t seem viable either. The granting world has changed and it’s not unusual to spend 160 hours writing a proposal, only to find out 6 months later that only 18-21% of applicants will be funded.

So why my positive attitude?


Ever since I shared the news, I’ve gotten lots of positive feedback. Folks say On Pasture is important to them, that it has helped them manage their grass, soil and livestock better, and has made them more profitable. So many of you also told me that a subscription model would work well, and that you’re ready to sign up.

I’m also really excited about opportunities this new direction will provide. As I searched for solutions, I found a suite of software that will let readers subscribe to On Pasture AND help me provide even more services to the On Pasture Community. For example, in addition to the weekly supply of articles, I’ll be able to put together special in-depth issues focused on topics that are most important to you.

What’s Next?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be working with my new software, and I hope to transition no later than mid-March.

If you are a current monthly supporter, nothing will change for you, though you will get instructions from us for how to set up your login. If you’ve sent a lump sum as annual support, we will pro-rate it to give you subscription access too. Finally, if you are ready to subscribe, watch this space for your early bird sign up discount coupon.

Because folks have asked, we’re also developing sponsorship packages that will support both sponsors and the On Pasture community. Stay tuned for more on that in the near future.

Our goal continues to be to make On Pasture available to as many graziers as possible while still covering expenses. If you have ideas about how to do that, drop me a note. Help me do the best I can for the On Pasture community.

Thanks for reading!


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