I Made a Math Mistake

That I made a math mistake is no surprise to people who know me well. I’ve never been good with numbers starting when my Dad tried to teach me to count with my fingers. When I’d demonstrated that I could count to ten, he sent me to the kitchen table to count plates, knives, forks and glasses. I was stumped. How could I count forks? You see, I thought he’d just taught me the names of my fingers. That couldn’t possibly translate to forks!

My fingers numbered 1 - 10 with caption "I still know the names of my fingers."

I’ve gotten over that small hurdle, but math is still a challenge all these years later. And that leads to the mistake I made about the price of each On Pasture article. So – here it is:

We publish 7 articles a week for 50 weeks a year for a total of 350 articles.

If you pay $60 per year for a subscription, that’s 60 divided by 350 for a cost of 17¢ an article, right?


I’m lucky to have a friend who reminded me that readers don’t just pay for the new articles, but for the value that comes with having a whole library (2,507 articles as of today!) along with an expert staff at their finger tips. And, unlike monthly print publications that you might stack in your garage until you recycle them, you don’t have to store On Pasture articles. You can search our online archive for answers to questions without having to dig through dusty piles of newsprint! Plus, if you can’t find what you want, you can send me an email. I’ll either find the article for you, or work with our authors to get you the information you need.

Price vs. Value

My friend also told me there was more to this whole thing than price, and, like many folks, I was confusing price with value. When I looked at it that way, I could see his point. I could also see why the math was so hard! As Warren Buffet would say:

And we’ll be adding more value in the near future. We’re collecting articles into eBooks so all the information you need on a given topic is in one place. We’ll be putting together new “How-To” videos. And of course if you have suggestions for what else you’d like us to do, please let me know!

Stay Tuned for the Next Step!

If you are a current monthly supporter, you’ll be getting an email with information to easily transition to our new set up. If you’ve sent a lump sum as annual support, we will pro-rate it to give you subscription access too. If you are ready to subscribe, watch this space for your early bird subscription coupon.

Finally, if you have questions or suggestions, do let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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