Change is Coming – Starting Next Week

For the past seven years, every On Pasture article has been free to read. Starting in March, that will change. Here’s a little about this change and why it’s happening.

If you’ve been reading this column, you know that On Pasture has covered its operating budget with a combination of a grant (70%), some sponsors and advertisers (25%), and readers (5%). But, things are changing in the granting world. Funding rates have dropped from 50% of applicants in the 2000s to 18-21% today. It’s not unusual now to spend 160 hours writing a proposal, only to find out 6 months later that you weren’t selected.

That’s what happened to On Pasture. We weren’t one of the 18% of proposed projects selected for the latest round of Conservation Innovation Grants from the Natural Resources Conservation Service. With a huge hole in our operating budget, I asked you, the On Pasture Community, how you felt about converting On Pasture to a subscription service.

Your response has been overwhelmingly positive. You’ve also weighed in on the value of On Pasture to you and what a fair price might be. So, I’m taking your advice and going forward, one step at a time.

Subscribing to On Pasture
Step 1

Starting next week, you can become an On Pasture subscriber. Some readers said that small, recurring monthly payments are easiest for them. So, you can choose that option, or you can choose to pay for one year up front. If neither of those options work for you, you’ll still be able to read On Pasture. Just sign up for 3 free articles a month. That will also ensure you get notified each week about new articles.

Step 2

We will also be setting up options for organizations and groups to subscribe on behalf of their staff and members. If that describes you, we would love to talk to you about your needs so that we can set everything up to work well for you. Just drop us a note and we’ll describe options. With your help, we’ll be able to share more details next week.

Step 3

Folks have also asked about gift subscriptions and sponsorships. We’re working on those details too and will have more information for you shortly.

For Our Current Supporters

If you are a current monthly supporter, you’ll be getting an email with information to easily transition to our new set up. If you’ve sent a lump sum as annual support, we will pro-rate it to give you subscription access too.

Finally, if you have questions or suggestions, do let me know! We’re doing our best to follow your advice and listen to you as we make this transition.

Thanks for reading!


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