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Rejuvenating Your Pasture – The Best, Most Effective Method is Free

By   /  March 9, 2020  /  3 Comments

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We’re talking grazing planning and grazing charts this week because grazing season is coming r
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About the author

Tom, along with his wife Jan, started raising & direct marketing hogs, sheep, cattle, turkeys, & chickens in 1999, the same year they completed a Holistic Management course. Their operation slowly morphed into custom grazing cattle on rented land and Tom’s passion for managing grass grew in the process. Tom & Jan completed the Ranching for Profit school in 2003 and found the ‘missing piece’. Since then, Jan has fulfilled her dream of being a nurse & Tom is currently the Production Manager of a ranch in north east British Columbia.


  1. Mark Reynolds says:

    Tom, check out the article “Never Fail Rules of Grazing”. The parallel between your article and my article are strikingly similar.

    • Tom Krawiec says:

      I have read that article Mark and I would agree. One rule I would adjust though is the one about never give less than 21 days rest. It has been my experience that 35+/- 5 days minimum rest is more appropriate.

      • Mark Reynolds says:

        I did see where we had a week difference between our ” averages” on days of rest. My article had 28 days and yours had 35. Reguardless, we both agree that rest is very important and shouldn’t be short changed. I think that because you live north of where I am, vegetation growth might be a bit slower and time intervals need to be a bit longer up there on average? I liked your article and found it interesting that we were making the same or at least similar points.

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