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It’s Who You Know. Yep, It Really Is!

By   /  April 20, 2020  /  Comments Off on It’s Who You Know. Yep, It Really Is!

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This week’s Scoop comes to us from John Marble and introduces a new member of the On Pasture family.

On occasion I hear people blame their difficulties on their lack of proper “connections”. Typically these are younger folks, and the complaint often centers on why they were passed over for promotion or not selected for a new job. Common refrains go like this:

“It’s all just politics.”

“They had better connections.”

“It’s always about who you know!”

Well, yes, it certainly is. And I find that terribly comforting.

The Calapooia valley (where I live) is home to a few hundred folks. Many of them have family connections going back many decades. In my time here I’ve made deep-rooted relationships with many of those folks, through school, work, service, business or community activities. Often these relationships become multi-generational, as good people raise their children and then grand children. The same traits that drew me to the old timers express themselves through the youngsters.

I’ve just recently seen this sort of thing at work again, and the On Pasture Community is gaining from it. Today I’d like to introduce you all to an outstanding young person from my neighborhood, Ms. Hailey Rice. Hailey will soon begin working as an intern at On Pasture, helping Kathy with a wide range of duties related to delivering more great information and experience to the subscribers at On Pasture.

I should probably note that I’ve only known Hailey for three or four years; half of her adult life. Not very long in this part of the world. But perhaps I should also mention that I have worked with her fiancé, his father, his grandfather, and his great-grandfather as well. So you see, it’s all about who you know!

Personally, I am thrilled to have her join us at On Pasture, as it means I will probably get to see her a bit more. The three miles between our homes suddenly seems like an even shorter walk.

Welcome aboard, Hailey!

Meet Hailey

Despite growing up in the grass seed capital of the world, Hailey’s childhood connection to agriculture ran no deeper than a girl’s voracious appetite for Little House on the Prairie books and an inherent love of animals. She thought she might like to grow up to be an accountant until she spent her 19th summer on a hay crew with a farm boy. That’s when everything changed. She fell in love with long days spent under a sunny, summer sky doing good, honest work.

Hailey making hay.

Hailey’s farm boy, Sten, making hay.

In the years since, she’s learned to drive a tractor, bucked her fair share of hay bales, and worked on a grass-fed cattle ranch with its own direct-marketing program. Today, she is a student in the Agricultural Sciences program at Oregon State University studying forage production, plant physiology, pasture-based agroecosystems, and soil health. She still loves grass and sunshine almost as much as the farm boy and their yellow lab, Hesston.

Hailey is interested in economically and ecologically sustainable agricultural practices so that farming families everywhere can stay on their land, do what they love, and make a profit. Her Little-House-on-the-Prairie heart hopes for a future where folks understand and appreciate the precious connection between farmers, their animals, and the land.

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About the author

John Marble grew up on a terribly conventional ranch with a large family where each kid had their own tractor. Surviving that, he now owns a small grazing and marketing operation that focuses on producing value through managed grazing. He oversees a diverse ranching operation, renting and owning cattle and grasslands while managing timber, wildlife habitat and human relationships. His multi-species approach includes meat goats, pointing dogs and barn cats. He has a life-long interest in ecology, trying to understand how plants, animals, soils and humans fit together. John spends his late-night hours working on fiction, writing about worlds much less strange than this one.

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