Supporting Grazing Communities With Discounts and the Events Calendar

In his article, “Intelligent Groups Make Innovations Easier,” author Chip Hines says:

“If you are serious about making changes in your operation or are still in the incubation stage, get involved with others of a like mind. There is no better way to get the juices flowing and stimulate the mind. Several people are much more intelligent than one when it comes to developing new thought or revamping the mind to accept something initially foreign.”

This idea of intelligent groups is why we’ve focused on creating a community of innovation at On Pasture. We’ve even had readers tell us that because they live in a place where their practices are considered “new-fangled” or “strange,” it’s been helpful to have the On Pasture community to back them up.

Discounts for Group Memberships

We believe this synergy is so important, we want to support others who build communities for graziers: Forage and Grassland Councils, Grazing Lands Coalitions, the staffs at local, state and federal agencies, and all the other groups that provide mentorship and support to graziers everywhere.

To encourage support for these organizations and to help them get helpful information, we’re offering a discount for On Pasture subscriptions to these groups and their members. You can learn more about our Group Discount program here.

Free Events Calendar to Keep Us Coming Together

The On Pasture Events Calendar is another way we support grazing communities. Organizers can post events for free. In these times, it’s a great way to quickly share webinars and changes to workshops and conferences.

Here’s the link to add an event.

Here’s the link to visit the calendar to see what’s happening.

If you have suggestions for other services we can provide to support the grazing community, do let us know. We count on the On Pasture community to help us make sure we’re doing the best we can for everyone.

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  1. Here’s a topic that I’m wondering about: When farms move to robotic milking, how do they manage to do planned, rotational grazing with pastures outside the immediate vicinity of the robots?

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