On Vacation (In Theory)

On Pasture usually takes a week-long break about this time every year. This year, the plan was to pack up our camper, and head to a “dark-sky” spot a couple hours south and east of Tucson with my Mom and Dad in their motor home. It’s hot here now, so we were just going to shade up during the day and then star-gaze at night. With no cities or their lights nearby, I was really looking forward to looking up at the Milky Way, and pointing out constellations, spending time with my husband and parents, and just not worrying about all the daily stuff.

But…you know – a pandemic, and three of the four of us being part of the vulnerable population, meant we had to change our plans.

Now, I’m on a stay-cation. I know myself well enough to accept that I will probably wander back to the computer from time to time. But I’m also going to focus on some of the things I don’t normally give time to – practicing my ukulele, walks and workouts, and that online course on how to make pop up books. (It’s in Spanish, which I don’t speak, so it’s a bit of a challenge!)

My whole goal is to let my brain roam around other topics for a bit, like it does when I leave town. Usually, after a week or so of that, I sit down at my desk with so much more energy and so many new ideas. And with that, I’ll be refreshed and ready to give you more of what On Pasture does like no one else can – give you the how-to info you need to be more sustainable and profitable.

If you write us this week, we may answer more slowly than normal. But we will answer. And if you want to help with Kathy’s brain reboot, please feel free to send me ideas for articles or ebooks you’d like me to put together to make your life easier.

Thanks for reading! See you soon!


P.S. If you have login questions while we’re “away” here are some steps that will help.

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