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Should You Get a Fault Finding Fence Tester?

By   /  June 29, 2020  /  1 Comment

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Wayne R. who runs FencerFixer, shared this helpful information with us in May of 2015. It’s st
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About the author

Wayne runs "Fencer Fixer" where he repairs electric fence chargers and fence testers. He's always happy to help folks figure out their fencing problems. Check out his website for more information.

1 Comment

  1. John Marble says:

    Thanks for this.

    If your time and emotional tranquility are worth anything, this is a $100 investment that is priceless.

    One of the ranches I rent is owned by a fellow who lost his mind over electric fences. His (then) spouse insisted on installing miles of smooth wire fencing with a design that led to massive problems with shot-circuiting. Without a fault-finding tool, he wore himself to a frazzle trying to keep the system working. In the end, the spouse, the livestock, and much of the internal fencing were removed from the property. He is now terribly relieved to let me graze the place. He cringes, but I use single-wire poly to control grazing all across the ranch, and I carry a fault-finder in my pocket every day.

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