Stockpiling for Winter Grazing – Reasons and How-To’s

We first shared this article and video in August of 2013, just a few months after we started On Pasture. So chances are good that most of you haven't seen it. You really should though. Yes, it is a little longer than most that I give you. But this 16:47 minutes is like taking a pasture walk to learn all about stockpiling - from the benefits of doing it to some good how-to's for getting started Here are the quick take home messages you'll find: Stockpiling forages and then grazing through the winter saves a lot of money! Put all the costs of making hay all summer behind you, including equipment, fuel to run it, and your own labor. Brad Storie, who introduces himself as a “Beef Cattle/Hay producer” who said, “Haying is getting more and more expensive.  I had to look for other options because of the economic factor." Cattle do better on stockpiled forages. These producers found that winter grazing cattle were healthier. Beef producer Johnny Rogers says, “One of the reasons we like stockpiling is because from a nutritional standpoint it's just simply better than hay.  If you do a side by side nutritional ana

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2 thoughts on “Stockpiling for Winter Grazing – Reasons and How-To’s

  1. That must be nice to have 4 inches of snow to deal with at a time, probably melts before the next dose. what’s the possibility of cows grazing thru 24 ” of snow from 2 or 3 storms over the course of 3 or 4 weeks. I’m in VT and have only been able to bale graze in our winters. I wonder if I would have to start stockpiling at the end of June. MB

    1. Hi Mary Beth,
      I think the article we published on the 17th gives answers to your question about grazing through heavier snow and ice. Here’s a link to that one. We’re also publishing another tomorrow (August 24th) that I think will help. Both the article on August 17th and the one being published tomorrow are based on the experiences of graziers in Canada who have snow experience similar to yours.

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