Get Rid of Bio-Film and Clean Lines, Tanks and Floats With the Easy “Slug Method”

From 2018, here's a great way to keep water troughs clean and working well. Oregon is a funny place. We recently changed our State bird from the Meadow Lark to the Osprey, mostly because several other States were claiming the Meadow Lark, and Oregon likes being….unique. Some would say bizarre. Our State Flower is called Oregon Grape, and of course, is not a grape at all. But it is in the business of State Mollusk that we really shine. We choose…The Giant Banana Slug.   Everyone in these parts has Slug stories. Slugs in the kitchen, slugs in your toilet, slugs in your carburetor. Slugs are simply part of life here. My favorite story is the day I forcefully slid my foot into a Muck boot, only to find the toe filled with a now-pulverized puddle of slug guts. It was horrible. In the end, I tossed my sock into the woodstove and threw the aggrieved boot into the front yard for the rest of the winter. How About a Happy Slug Story? I recently had the opportunity to spend a few hours wandering around a grazing operation, looking at grass and cattle and fencing and water systems. This is about my favorite thing in the world to do: spending time with fascinating people who are looking for answers. On this day, we looked at several water tanks, tanks equipped with various kinds of automatic floats that controlled the level of water in the tank. The landowner talked about the pros and cons of each style of float, but noted that all floats suffer from problems associate

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