The Gift of Good Grazing

Do you remember the kid in class who always had her hand in the air when the teacher asked a question? Yup! That kid was me. I had always done the reading and I was enthusiastic about participating. That enthusiasm has served me well. In fact, it’s the reason my husband and I are celebrating our 24th wedding anniversary this December. We were attending a conference when I made an unexpected remark to one of the speakers. Peter turned around to see who would say such a thing, our eyes met and, well, the rest is history.

Today, when I’m visiting with someone on the phone or checking the questions graziers are posting on Facebook, my hand figuratively shoots up into the air. “Oh! I wrote about that in On Pasture! Here’s the link. And, while you’re there, read this and this. I think you’ll find it helpful.” If you Google something grazing-related, you’ll most likely end up at On Pasture too. That’s me – my hand in the air again!

Right now, I have my hand in the air for another reason. I have a Holiday gift for you:

For the month of December, annual subscriptions to On Pasture are $10 off!

That means, for just $45, you’ll get all the new articles every week, access to over 2,700 more in the archives, and all the Bonus Content as well. That’s good grazing information at your fingertips, 24/7. And, you’ll lock that rate in forever. Click here to subscribe and use the coupon code DEC2020 to get your discount.

You can give the gift of good grazing too!


Send your favorite grazier the gift that keeps on giving. Just $45/year through December!

Click here and send your favorite grazier a subscription to On Pasture for just $45.

Finally, if you need other gift suggestions for those special people in your life, check out the On Pasture Shop. I’ve posted all kinds of suggestions there.

Be safe, be well, and thanks for reading!


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