More Videos! Fewer Videos! What’s YOUR Opinion?

In an effort to serve you better, and to make On Pasture a more manageable workload for me, I’ve been running a short survey to find out what you want. It takes about 3 minutes to answer 8 questions.

I’ve been looking through the responses and, as often happens, I see conflicting requests. For example, one reader said, “I know you already do this a bit, but I love links to videos.” Another said, “Too many videos. I want articles to read not links to YouTube.

What’s an editor to do?

Well, first, I’ll ask for more input. If you haven’t completed a survey yet, here’s the link. Thanks so much for helping! As an On Pasture reader I think of you as a shareholder, so your opinion matters.

Next, I’ll explain a little about why I do what I do.

Different people learn in different ways. And if On Pasture is going to meet its goal of helping graziers be more sustainable and profitable, I need to find ways to reach everyone where they’re at. Videos are a great way to reach aural and visual learners. And, because I don’t want to leave out other learners, I summarize the videos in writing, emphasizing key takeaways to apply to your operations.

But there’s a lot more to what I’m doing than that…

On Pasture is here to save you time on your path to success.

On Pasture was founded on the knowledge that you only have so much time and you can’t waste it. That’s why, seven years ago, I took on the job of sorting through everything out there to find the most helpful information. I believe my job is to separate fact from crap and translate information into principles and practices you can use.

That’s why I’m asking:

• How many articles do you read each week?
• What should those articles cover?

What the stats tell me, and what I’m learning from responses to the survey, is that six articles a week is a lot to read and absorb. It’s also a lot to find/write/edit/publish. So I’m considering ways to focus my efforts on your behalf, and to provide it to you in new ways – like ebooks or recordings of me reading articles that you can listen to as you work.

If you have ideas, you can write me or you can fill out this 8-question, 3-minute survey. After all, you’re the only reason I do this, so your input is really important!

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts!

Happy New Year!


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Go to Subscribe, click on “Have a coupon?” and enter the code DEC2020.  And the best part of doing it now? You lock in that rate for as long as you read On Pasture!

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