Free Grazing 101 Ebook and Online Courses Available

I love it when a plan comes together!

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve been working with the National Grazing Lands Coalition and Yvette Gibson to put together some new, FREE resources to help folks up their grazing game. And now, I’m just so tickled to present the Grazing 101 ebook, and three online courses: Grazing 101, Recordkeeping, and the 30 Day Grazing Planning Challenge.

The Ebook

Big thanks to Don Ashford who walks us through the principles for getting off on the right foot to successful grazing management, sharing his sixty-something years of experience. Other On Pasture authors add their ideas as well, and all in all, you’re looking at a combined total of over 500 years of experience in one place. You’ll find out how to figure stocking rates, choose the right fencing products, graze for healthy pastures, and much, much more. Plus, we’ve added links for grazing organizations where you can find great mentors to help you along the way. Download it here.

The Online Courses

Yvette Gibson’s expertise is online learning and as faculty at both the University of Nevada Reno and Oregon State University, she’s been teaching grazing management to our next generation of graziers and land managers. Now she brings her expertise to us!

In these three courses you’ll learn the “why” behind the fundamentals of good grazing management so you can make good management decisions. You’ll also learn the kinds of records you need to stay on track. Plus, your course assignments will have you creating your own grazing management and/or recordkeeping plan.

Click here to learn more and to get started.

Train Your Brain

Both the ebook and the courses will help you develop the most important tool any grazier can have: your brain. You’ll see examples from leaders in the grazing world showing how they think through problems, so you can follow in their footsteps.

Thank You, National Grazing Lands Coalition!

All of this is made possible as part of a larger outreach collaborative agreement that NatGLC has with the Natural Resources Conservation Service. Thanks to the agreement, NatGLC can provide information like this to you, the stewards of the nation’s grazing lands. The grant includes many other projects in several states and we’ll share more about those in the future.

We’ve all worked hard to bring this to you and we hope you’ll reap the benefits. It’s just one more way, On Pasture works to serve you.

Thanks for reading!


But wait – there’s MORE!

The courses and ebooks include a coupon for 25% off an On Pasture subscription so you can access even more information.

AND – Yvette will be teaching in-person at the upcoming National Grazing Lands Conference. Learn more and register here!

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