We’re Improving On Pasture

On Pasture’s goal has always been to make life easier, more sustainable, and profitable for graziers. To do that, we sift through piles of research and all the videos, articles, and presentations on grazing practices we can find, looking for just what you need, when you need it. Then we translate what we’ve found into something you can use, whether it’s principles to guide you or steps for adopting a new practice.

Here’s a 1:08 video from 2013 on what On Pasture is all about:

Now, with 2,898 articles in our library, if you have a grazing question, you’ll likely find an answer at On Pasture. That is – if you can find it. Searching for articles on line and on a website is an art form, and we all have different skill sets. So, if I want to make sure On Pasture keeps on doing its job for you, I have to do something differently.

I’ve also learned that, no matter how great the information, it’s hard for readers to keep up with six articles a week. Reading, thinking, and implementing all take time. And, to give you that time, On Pasture needs to do something differently.

Making information more accessible and implementable

Starting this month, we’re making some changes to what we publish and when. Here’s how:

• First, Grazier’s Focus for the Month will come to you the first week of every month. It’s a collection of articles and/or short ebooks focused on a timely topic with an emphasis on principles, practices, and implementation.

• The third week of each month, we’ll present, The Thinking Grazier. Whether it’s a virtual pasture walk, reflections from a grazing colleague, or how-to guides for thinking in new ways, we’ll focus on ways to sharpen your thinking and adapting skills.

• The second and fourth weeks will be the familiar slate of articles.

Consider these improvements a renewal of our pledge to provide you what you need when you need it translated into practices you can use.

Thanks for reading!


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