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This week we’re celebrating Don Ashford’s birthday. We’re not going to say how old he is because you’d never guess it by looking at him. Let’s just say he’s old enough to have six decades of farming experience behind him. To celebrate, we’ve put together a present for all of you: a Special Collection of the articles he’s written for On Pasture so far.

Don is also the inspiration behind our new Grazing 101 ebook. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, now is a great time to check it out. It’s free and comes with a coupon for a discounted On Pasture subscription!

Not only is Don a lifelong learner, he’s shared his successes and experiences with his fellow farmers and ranchers all along the way. He actively participates in organizations that support farmers, and he helps the next generation get started. He experiments with new practices, adopting those that work and sharing why some don’t. He even tells about mistakes he’s made so we can avoid making the same ones.

Don is a farmer, a teacher, and a philosopher. But most of all, he’s a family man. The thing is, he has a HUGE family. You’re part of Don and Betty’s family just by living on the same planet. And that’s why he writes – to tell us entertaining stories that just might help us along the way.

Here are Don and Betty welcoming a new great-grandchild into the world.


I’m proud to be Don and Betty’s adopted daughter. I hope you’ll enjoy and learn from this collection of stories from my Louisiana Dad.

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  1. Kathy- you have no idea how much these two love you and Rachel.. thanks for being a very important part of our family:) This keeps Dad and Mom connected and involved in what they love.. thank you

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