Coming Next Week – A New Look For On Pasture

Next week, when you click over to On Pasture, it’s going to look different. And I’m a little nervous because I know change is hard and when you get used to something and then it changes, well, it can be uncomfortable.

But, I think you’re going to like this new look. I’ve focused on making things easier to read and easier to find. The latest articles will be right there on the home page, all together in one spot. If you want to browse the library of over 3,000 articles, you’ll be able to choose a category and explore. For folks using tablets or smart phones to read On Pasture, this new look is especially good with its emphasis on scrolling. I’ve even made changes to the little things – like the font. It’s bigger and easier to read especially for all of us with older or tired eyes.

We’ve been working in the background on a staging site to get everything ready for you. There’s still just a bit of polishing going on, but we plan to do the big install on the afternoon of Monday, October 4. That means On Pasture will spend a few hours in “Maintenance Mode” and you won’t be able to access anything until the updated version is up and running.

If all goes as planned, by Tuesday morning On Pasture will be shiny and new. If there are any glitches, I’ll be sure to let you know. And, when you see the new look, do feel free to drop me a line and provide any constructive thoughts you might have.

Thanks for reading and for spending a bit of your Tuesday morning with me!



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