How to Buy Happiness

You know that popular saying "Money can't buy happiness."  Well, Michael Norton says that's wrong. He says "If you think money can't buy happiness, you're not spending it right." He backs this up with research that demonstrates that when people buy the right things they're actually happier. Not only does buying the right things create personal happiness, but employees who buy the right things help make companies more successful. These purchasing guidelines even work for sports teams who began to win more when they followed them. Since it's that time of year, when we're spending more money on happiness, I thought you might like to take 10:41 to watch the video and find out what the guidelines are, how little money it takes, and how the data shows that you really can buy happiness. Or drop down to the transcript and read. Enjoy! Transcript: So I want to talk today about money and happiness, which are two things a lot of us spend a lot of our time thinking about, either trying to earn them or trying to increase them. And a lot of us resonate with this phrase, we see it in religions and self-help books: money can't buy happiness. And I want to suggest today that, in fact, that's wrong. I'm at a business school, so that's what we do. So that's wrong, and in fact, if you think that, you're just not spending it right. So instead of spending it the way you usually spend it, maybe if you spent it differently, that might work a little bit be

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