Gifts and Goodies for Graziers

I am a fan of gifts that keep on giving. That auto repair toolbox and tools I got one year got me out of all kinds of difficulties. The Weeds of the West book from a colleague was part of the inspiration for a whole new career teaching cows to eat weeds. So, if you think I’m about to suggest some practical gifts – you’re right. Here they are.

Start Your Farm: The Authoritative Guide to Becoming a Sustainable 21st Century Farmer
When this book came out in 2018, it was my instant favorite because of it’s emphasis on helping us develop the foundations of what it means to be a good farmer or rancher: “resilient problem-solving, sure-footed prioritzation, calm analytical thinking, and devoted profit making. You can read my review here and download an excerpt here.

Greg Judy’s How to Think Like a Grazier
As the editor of Greg’s latest book, I’m really tickled about how this project came together. Greg shares personal traits he nurtured in himself to create success and provides examples of how he learned to think differently and found helpful mentors. To top it off, he provides a detailed look at setting up leases and working with landowners. You can check out the table of contents here, and order it from Greg here.

I’m also a big fan of knowing what grasses and weeds are growing in a pasture. Visit the On Pasture Shop for regional recommendations. The Shop also has recommendations for more books and goodies and links for purchasing On Pasture authors’ books directly from them. (On Pasture gets a small percentage of anything purchased through Amazon.)

My Holiday Gift to You

Through December 31st, annual subscriptions to On Pasture are $10 off. That means just $45 for all the new articles every week, access to over 2,800 more in the archives, and all the premium content too. And you can lock that rate in forever. Click here to subscribe and use the coupon code DEC2021.

Or, give the gift of good grazing. Click here and send your favorite grazier a one year subscription.

I hope that helps a bit with your Holiday gift giving.

Thanks for reading!


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