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Banner Ads

These ads run across the top and bottom of each page. The ads switch whenever a reader clicks on a new page.  To see how this works, refresh this page or click to a new page and see what happens to the ads in the top and bottom banner spaces. When a reader prints an article or page, these banner ads print with it! Additionally, the banner ads tend to be the first thing to load on a page and don’t have to compete with any other advertising.

We know these are important advertising spaces and limit sales to only 6 ads at any given time. This means your ad will appear at the top or bottom of a page 1/3 of the time.

Based on our current community of readers, your ad will be getting at least 10,000 views per month. Of course, as our site continues to grow, number of views will go up.

Size and Pricing

Banner Ads are 726 pixels wide x 88 pixels high – $500/month or $1350/3 months

Create Your Ad

The beefiest ad will have very few words and contrasting colors. We allow ads to link to your website so readers will get the additional information you want them to see, or will be able to contact you.

To place your ad, simply pick the option below that works best for you. Go through the PayPal process and once you receive your payment confirmation email, forward it to info@onpasture.com with your ad image attached and a website you’d like your ad to link to. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns along the way!