The Mobile Poultry Slaughterhouse by Ali Berlow

September 9, 2013

New Resource for Building a Mobile Poultry Slaughterhouse

If you’re raising chickens for meat and lack easy access to a humane, local slaughterhouse, a mobile slaughter and processing unit may be what you need. This guide shows you how fund, build, and permit a mobile facility to be used by a community of farmers, or as part of a business.

July 1, 2013

Pastured Poultry in Bear Country – An Optimist’s Cautionary Tale

I live right on the edge of town where the foothills turn quickly into mountains.  So even though I don’t feel like we live in the woods, we share space with a lot of wildlife. Right now there is a herd of about 11 bachelor bull elk wandering the neighborhood and a larger herd of […]

June 24, 2013

Mob Grazing With Chickens

Maybe you don’t have enough land to raise cattle, sheep or pigs.  Maybe you’re thinking about diversifying your operation.  In either case you’ll want to check out Forrest Pritchard’s latest blog post.  In it he describes how to use electric netting to create long narrow stretches of pasture that chickens can graze and trample as […]

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