January 6, 2014

Your On Pasture Team Is Raring to Go for 2014

Here’s an idea of what you can expect in 2014. Don’t forget to check the Events Calendar too to find grazing conferences in your area.

December 23, 2013

New Articles Coming January 7 – But Here Are Links to Great Articles to Read Until Then

We’re raring to go again now that we’ve had some time off so look forward to a great issue next Tuesday.  But until then, there’s plenty to entertain and inform you from our last 9 months of publication.  Here’s just a sampling of what you can find with a few clicks of your mouse. Grazing […]

December 9, 2013

There is a Silver Lining to Chemo, a Broken Face and a Heart Attack

There’s a silver lining to chemo. Don’t get me wrong- chemo sucks. The nausea, the velcro feel of my bald head, the burning that’s not quite heartburn, and the fear of the nerve damage yet to set in. And don’t get me started on the feeling of running at 5% of normal power. Yet even […]

December 2, 2013

Kathy Broke Her Face

And she learned why doing chores in your heels is bad for more than the shoes.

November 25, 2013

On Pasture’s Happy Thanksgiving Music Video

We’re thankful for YOU, our On Pasture Readers!

October 28, 2013

On Pasture Articles are ALL at Your Fingertips!

With almost 200 articles published since March 21, there’s a lot of information stored for you at On Pasture.  So chances are if you have a question, you can find the answer here. But how do you find what you need?  Here are some options: The Tag Cloud is another good way to find articles […]

October 21, 2013

Press a Button – It’s Fun!

We know things about our readers.  No, no, we’re not the NSA.  All we really see is how many people come to the site and read things. For example, we know that you really liked the Forage Calculator we posted.  Lots of you read that article and shared it by email.  So we’re working on […]

October 14, 2013

Can You Help Us Out?

First, thanks to all of you who have already joined the On Pasture community this past week!  Your support and confidence in us keeps us going.  We’ll be sending your t-shirts and bumper stickers out shortly. To those of you who have joined us, and to those still thinking about it, here’s a little more […]

September 30, 2013

Join the On Pasture Community Today

A year ago, On Pasture was just a twinkle in the eyes of Kathy, Rachel, and a group of authors and speakers known for their innovative work in the world of grazing.  To see if our idea had merit, we surveyed ag professionals and producers.  We learned that though 98% of the group were reading […]

September 23, 2013

100,000 Reasons to Say Thank You

We started this venture with a dream to share useful information on grass-based livestock farming. We put our heads down, started writing, got help from our colleagues and friends, and all of a sudden, we woke up and found out our dream had become reality. We spend hours each week building each new issue, learning […]

September 16, 2013

Loveland, Colorado Flood Pictures

This was a different week for us at On Pasture.  Here are some pictures of how I spent part of my week.  I’d like to be able to show you more, but getting in and out of my neighborhood is hard right now.  If I leave and it’s raining, there’s the possibility that I won’t […]

September 9, 2013

Share Your Ideas For Our First Ever Membership Drive

We’re getting ready for our first membership drive to help cover costs for On Pasture’s production. As our Community, can you tell us how you’d like to participate? Here are some suggestions that we’ve come up with that we hope provide a variety of levels so that you can pick the one that works best […]

September 2, 2013

The Best of On Pasture

Rachel and I are taking this week off to celebrate a birthday, and to give Rachel time to recuperate a bit from her surgery, which we’re happy to say went very well.  But never fear, we’ve left you with 24 weeks of great content to review!  The best way to check out articles you may […]

September 2, 2013

Crowd Favorites and Great Articles You May Have Missed

Based on our site statistics we thought we’d point out some crowd favorites, and then suggest a few that you may have missed: Free Grazing Chart Makes the Difference in Drought – Don’t miss the link to download your chart.  Troy Bishopp (the Grasswhisperer) is working on resources to take you step-by-step through creation of your […]

August 26, 2013

Dear Reader

Hi, A few weeks ago I received a diagnosis that rocked my world, but not in the good way. This sort of event is bound to happen in our lives, either to ourselves or to loved ones. Even knowing the “normalness” of this earthshaking experience doesn’t seem to lessen its hold on me. Instead, I […]

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