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Choosing cows that work for YOU

October 29, 2021 - October 30, 2021

$2 – $300

Choosing bulls whose sons work well in the feedlot system, creates daughters that need quite a bit of supplementation to get by on your grass. What if you used bulls that create daughters who can thrive on your grass with very low extra input costs???

40% of your profit is cows that calve every year. 30% of your profit is low cost cows. 20% is growth (antagonistic to reproduction) and 10% carcass traits.

This school is designed to equip you with the information you need to make that transformation.

~ Bull and Cow FERTILITY and how to observe and measure these traits
~The RED SOLO CUP Cow: Reading animals bodily indicators to see what they are telling us regarding their hormonal function, butterfat, tender meat and FERTILITY
Minerals, Toxins and ranch Epi-Genetics: a rancher’s ideas to low-cost, on-ranch solutions
Profit hiding in plain sight: How selection for animals with butterfat, lower maintenance costs, calving in-sync with nature, fetal programming and concentrating on meat-to-bone ratio with your direct-marketed animals can dramatically influence your profit at the end of the year.
~ Live animal demonstration the first afternoon.

SOIL, Plant Animal and Human health: Diving into how our soil practices affects everything up the food chain and eventually affects human health … for positive or negative.


October 29, 2021
October 30, 2021
$2 – $300
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