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Do Pinkeye, Foot-rot and Scours increase your workload and steal your profits?

February 28, 2020 - February 29, 2020

$400.00 – $700

Steve Campbell and Steve Swerczek will present a two day school covering

EPI-GENETICS – The air, water, forage, mineral and “lifestyle” to which our livestock are subjected.

Is your current mineral program helping you—or is it part of the problem? Getting this right will finally allow your cattle to express the genetics you already own, and as a side benefit, prevent those diseases mentioned to in the title to this school.

Which all-natural supplements can improve your herd, and lower your overall costs at the same time?  How to effectively use Sea MINERAL Salt to put back those minerals missing in our animal’s environment. Using a very specific bentonite clay can remove a substantial portion of the human made toxins that have wound up in our cattle.

CATTLE GENETIC topics covered

Bulls – In 1950 the average cattleman only needed one bull to every 50 cows. What bulls (and cows) work in an “all-grass” environment? How to see and measure that? Fertility is comprised of a specific shape, glandular function and butterfat. Read how toxins can lower bull fertility here

Cows – What specific “Whorls, Swirls and Curls” to observe on the outside of the cow that indicate higher fertility
and butterfat on the inside of the animal?

Linear Measurement: What is it, how to do it, what do those numbers mean? The front end of the bull and the back end of the cow are where the “tale of the tape” can point you in the correct direction for animals that will lower your cost per acre and increase your profit per acre.

Questions – “Come one, come all.” If you don’t ask your questions, we won’t be able to get you the information pertinent to your operation at your zip code.

Steve and I hope to see you there!



Call or email Kara Jones of Hoof and Hide Ranch TODAY

To reserve your spot, mail
checks to:
Hoof & Hide LLC
10985 FM 59
Athens, TX 75751
Phone: 903-675-4419
Email: info@hoofandhide.com


February 28, 2020
February 29, 2020
$400.00 – $700


Tailor Made Cattle
Hoof and Hide LLC
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