We appreciate your interest in sharing the great articles you find at On Pasture.  Here’s how we work with folks interested in sharing and/or reprinting On Pasture articles in their own newsletters, newspapers, magazines, and online blogs and publications.

Sharing Links to On Pasture Articles:

You may use the first two paragraphs of any article along with a link to the article at On Pasture without requesting additional permissions.

Purchasing On Pasture Articles for Print or Online:

Both On Pasture and the author hold copyright to articles, so both must give permission for reprints. When you request an article for your publication, we will contact the author on your behalf.  Articles from On Pasture can make up no more than 20% of your publication.

Once we have permission from the author, we will email you with an invoice for the reprint.  Cost for reprint is $100/article.  Email Kathy Voth with questions or to request article reprint permission.

We offer free article reprints for On Pasture sponsors.  Get more details being a sponsor by emailing us.

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