On Pasture is All About Community

Being part of a community that learns, shares and grows together promotes success. That’s the kind of community On Pasture works to promote.

We want to support others who build communities for graziers: Forage and Grassland Councils, Grazing Lands Coalitions, state and federal agencies, professional and academic organizations, and all the other groups that provide mentorship and support to graziers everywhere.

We’re offering a 25% discount for On Pasture subscriptions to these groups and their members.

If you’re helping lead one of these groups, drop us an email and we’ll set you up with a subscription discount for your members.

If you’re a member of one of these groups, get in touch with your leadership and suggest they send us a note.

We hope this partnership of online information and in-person support helps us all be more successful graziers.

Also, if you have ideas or suggestions along these lines, please tell us.  We’re always looking for ways to do better for you!

State Organizations

American Solar Grazing Association

Arkansas Grazing Lands Coalition

Arkansas – Grassroots Grazing Group

Delaware – Maryland-Delaware Forage Council

Florida Grazing Lands Coalition

Hawaii Cattlemen’s Council, Inc.

Hawaii Rangeland Stewardship Foundation

Hawaii Grazing Lands Coalition

Illinois Forage and Grassland Council

Indiana Forage Council

Iowa Forage and Grassland Council

Practical Farmers of Iowa

Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition

Kentucky Forage and Grassland Council

Louisiana Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative

Louisiana Forage and Grassland Council
(Newly formed in December of 2019)

Maine Grass Farmers Network

Maryland-Delaware Forage Council

Maryland Grazers Network

Massachusetts Association of Dairy Farmers

Michigan Forage Council

Minnesota Grazing Lands Conservation Association

Missouri Forage and Grasslands Council
Affiliate councils include:
• Top of the Ozarks Forage and Grassland Council
• Green Hills Farm Project
• Alliance for Grassland Renewal

Montana Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative

Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition

New Hampshire Granite State Graziers

North Carolina Forage and Grassland Council

North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition

Ohio Forage and Grassland Council

Oklahoma Grazing Land Coalition

Oregon Forage & Grassland Council

Pennsylvania Grazing Lands Coalition

Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Council

South Carolina Forage and Grazing Lands Coalition

Tennessee Forage and Grassland Council
contact Gary Bates at gbates@utk.edu

Texas Grazing Land Coalition

Texas – Northeast Texas Grazing Lands Coalition

South Dakota Grassland Coalition

Vermont Grass Farmers Association

Virginia Forage and Grassland Council

Wisconsin Grassworks

National/Regional Organizations

Conservation Districts
Conservation districts may go by different names but they all coordinate assistance from all available sources, public and private to assist farmers and ranchers.

Mountains to Bay Grazing Alliance
Helping farmers switch to rotational grazing in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia

Natural Resources Conservation Service
NRCS is a federal agency with offices across the United States. They can provide both technical and financial assistance.

Noble Research Institute
Based in Oklahoma, Noble delivers solutions to great agricultural challenges through research and outreach.

Quivira Coalition
Supporting ranchers in the Southwest and supporting apprentices in California, Colorado, Montana and New Mexico.

Ranch Management Consultants
For decades RMC has been helping ranchers be more successful with less work. Contact them for your discount code.



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