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Why is Barnyardgrass So Abundant in Many Hay Fields and Pastures This Year?

This year many farmers are wondering why barnyardgrass is present in unusual abundance in their hay fields and pastures.  This annual warm-season grass weed...

Farmers’ Voices Make A Difference

The article in the September 10 issue (Out-sourcing/Non-sourcing Farm Visits) inspired The Grass Whisperer to share this piece with us that he wrote in 2008 after making a trip to the nation's capital. Troy has been active in speaking up for farmers, and he wants you to know that you can do it too!

Transitioning Dairy Cows From Pasture to Winter Feed

One of the many challenges you probably face with grazing is how to help the cows adjust to a new feed source in the...

Intensive Grazing on Irrigated Pastures

Even if you're not working with irrigation, this article has some great tips for transitioning to intensive grazing, stockpiling pasture, and considering the downsides. This is the first in a series from Dave Scott so stay tuned!

Feeding Livestock After a Flood

This isn't the article we'd planned for this week, but the flooding in Colorado means that some of our fellow producers need some information NOW! Here's what we all need to know when disaster strikes.

Writing a Pasture Lease Contract

No matter how well you know your landowner, never begin a farm lease without a signature on paper! Even if everything seems to be...

Evaluating Potential Pasture Land, Part 3

In addition to the property features discussed in my last article, there are three more categories to evaluate before you decide to lease or...

Evaluating Potential Pastureland, Part I

If you're thinking of leasing pasture or buying a farm, here are some important questions to answer to make sure you'll be happy with the place you choose.

Understanding That Soil Is Like Cake Could Lead to Tastier Pastures

Since your soil is the foundation you build your pastures on, understanding it in all its layers will help you make better management choices.

Putting Money Where the Birds Nest

How important, how valuable, is living in a community that strikes a better balance with Nature? And are communities willing to pay for the services that producers provide to meet that balance?

Cursed by the Ditch Witch

It has taken me an entire year to settle down after the ditch witch drove me to a major meltdown over the destruction of...

Addressing concerns about red clover in pasture

There are some questions that have swirled around the ether about planting red clover: are phytoestrogens present and will they cause problems for my animals? Can red clover cause frothy bloat? Why should I plant it? And which varieties? Follow up with Dan Hudson as he addresses these concerns and more, breaking them down one by one.

Riparian Regulations Threaten Livestock

Livestock exclusion. These two simple words have the power to make grown men and women quake. They are also words that are coming up more and more often in conjunction with livestock grazing in pastures and on rangelands where animals have access to streams and ponds. In this first of a series, we explore impacts of regulation on private land grazing.

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