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Prescriptive Livestock Services Business For Sale

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This is a turnkey opportunity. Hit the ground running with livestock, equipment and transition assistance of 6 months to 1 year from owner, Ray Holes.
For More Information Contact:  Ray Holes, rayholes@yahoo.com, 208-740-9264

Prescriptive Livestock Services (PLS)

PurchaseOptionsRayHoles1is considered by most to be the leading targeted grazing company in the northwest based on depth of experience and history of continued success.

Targeted Grazing is the application of a specific kind of livestock at a determined season, duration, and intensity to accomplish defined vegetation or landscape goals.

A typical operational year has individual herds of PLS livestock on targeted grazing contracts 12 months of each year.

Ray began PLS in response to a growing need for a large scale livestock operation to manage noxious weeds without the heavy reliance on chemicals. For the past 3 years (2012, 2013 & 2014) PLS’s average gross income has been $829,000.00 annually. This business purchase is considered to be ‘turnkey’ and as PLS has none, buyer assumes zero debt.

To insure our targeted grazing contracts’ success, we rely on skilled herders, experienced livestock, well-bred stock dogs, and kick-ass livestock guardian dogs.

Currently PLS operates targeted grazing projects in California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. However, without the restrictions of any business territorial boundaries, the opportunity to expand into other states is limitless. Historically, PLS has managed our kidding season operation out of our winter facilities near Hermiston, Oregon.

Why Sell When I’m On Top ?

Since I actively began marketing Prescriptive Livestock Services (PLS) as a business opportunity available to others, one of the questions I’ve been asked continually is…

So, here’s the simple truth…

Yes, the targeted grazing businesses has been very good to me over the last 15+ years. Other than a final payment on the semi truck, purchased in 2013, everything I own is
paid for; free and clear. The buyer of PLS will assume zero debt.

To get to where I am in this business, I’ve had to work very hard for a lot of years. It’s been totally worth it for a variety of reasons, not just financially. I’ve seen a lot of beautiful country and met and made friends with wonderful people that I would have  never met otherwise. But, believe it or not, my goal was not to be the “Goat King.” From the time I was a kid, I’ve always had a goal of owning my own ranch. Because of what the goats and this business have done for me, I can now afford that
dream and am looking forward to achieving that goal at this time in my life.

The targeted grazing industry is growing every year, that’s an undeniable fact. I’m seeing and getting contacted about opportunities throughout the year, not just seasonally, as it was in the very beginning. Ironically, now that I’ve decided to move onto my next goal, it seems like the contract opportunities are even greater. It’s a great time to be a professional targeted grazing contractor, it’s a great time to be in the goat business, and so logically, it seems like a great time for me to sell.

I was explaining to my wife Lisa the other night that for me it’s like training a colt. I love working with a fresh project, teaching it new things, training it up to it’s potential. The challenge of the transformation and the reward of the growth. But I also enjoyed handing off that colt to the client for them to continue taking it in the direction they chose, while I gladly stepped back to start my next colt.

My decision to sell PLS feels a lot the same. I took on an industrial-sized challenge, stuck with it through development and transformation as it grew and grew, appreciated
everyone who helped make it all possible, and now it’s just time to move on to the next challenging goal in my life.

Ray E. Holes
rayholes@yahoo.com 208 740 9264
Lazy H Livestock
3911 West 27th Avenue, Suite 101-63, Kennewick, Washington 99337

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