May 31, 2020

Young Adult Ranching for Profit Hands-On Training

The longest running, most successful ranch management school in North America is now offering a 4-day, hands on intensive training for young adults (designed for ages 17-25) wanting to develop business management skills in agriculture. $500 per participant includes lodging and meals To register contact our office via phone 307-213-6010 or

December 14, 2015

Does 4-H Matter Now More Than Ever?

A few years back, a friend from Washington D.C. visited my farm for the first time. Right off the bat, he noticed the bumper sticker on my pickup truck, a green four-leaf clover emblazoned with large, white H’s. “Forrest,” he said, without the slightest trace of humor, “you never told me you were Irish!” Suffice […]

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