Organic Valley’s sponsorship played a big part this past year in helping On Pasture publish 324 articles that help readers manage their pastures, improve forage and soil health, and take care of their animals, all while making a profit. That’s a lot of articles! So we thought we’d point out just a few of them.

Thanks in part to this sponsorship, we’ve been working with Cheryl Cesario, an extension specialist out of Vermont, to present more information on dairy grazing. And since readers tell us that they prefer reading about how things work for their peers, that’s what these articles do. One of the articles below is about a farmer who has already transitioned. The next two are part of a series showing another farmers transition as it is in progress.

Here are some other articles that dairy farmers found

We also appreciate the contributions of Mark Kopecky over the years. This article in particular continues to be quite popular. It shows up on our website statistics every week!

Finally, we always take time to thank our sponsors:

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