We had a feeling that something was missing when it came to getting information to graziers.  So a group of us asked folks what they wanted and they told us that, though 98% of them are reading other magazines and newsletters, that same 98% wanted a publication that translates research and experience into grazing practices they can use right now.

So that’s what we started putting online on March 21, 2013.

We’re tickled with the response!

Here’s what our readers raise:


And Here Are Some of the Nice Things Readers Say About Us:

ClicktoJoin“I like the format and the ideas presented in the magazine. It is a big help in making decisions about my farm.”

Very relevant to the information I am looking for as I am quite new to the business.”

“Very relevant to the work I am doing.”

“[I like] The research basis and the comparison to public broadcasting.”

“Lots and lots of information I can access easier and read quickly.”

“I enjoy the variety of articles. I usually find them to be interesting and educational. Article length is just about perfect for the amount of time I can devote to reading at any one sitting. Love the great photos included with the articles.”

“We like the innovative and practical advice you bring us from yourself and others that encourage us to break away from starve to death traditional agricultural practices.”

“I really appreciate the broadly accessible writing that takes complicated science and replaces the jargon with understandable/actionable language.”

“I get inspiration from the underlying sense of community that holds the articles together. A pervasive sense of humor is a plus too.”



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