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The information to make your grazing operation more successful is out there….

But it may not be getting to you. Sometimes it’s hidden in an academic journal, or it’s in a special scientific language that’s hard to decode and translate into something you can use now. Or maybe a speaker at a conference described a new technique, but you need more information to make sure the change will work for you.

That’s where we come in.

We’re the people writing for journals, and making presentations at agriculture conferences. You’ve seen our names on your seminar lists, read our blogs and websites, and maybe even attended field days at our farms and ranches. In 2012, a group of us sat down at the Northeast Pasture Consortium and talked about what our travels and reading have told us: that while you read many of the available magazines and newsletters and attend lots of conferences, you need something more. So we decided to put together an online publication that would give you access to the latest research and farmer/rancher experience written in plain English and focused on turning ideas into farm and ranch ready practices.  (For more about what you’ll find here, see our Editorial Policy.)

The editorial staff and authors working on bringing you On Pasture have plenty to do, so we wouldn’t be doing this if potential readers hadn’t already told us it was important to them. When we sent out a survey, respondents told us that, though 98% of them are reading other magazines and newsletters, that same 98% would like to have a publication that translates research and experience into grazing practices they can use right now.

So that’s what you’ll get from us: the best ideas and research, from the people who’ve been successful doing them, documented so you know they work, and translated into steps that you can start using right away.

Ask For What You Want

The articles we publish are in answer to many of the questions we’ve been asked.  Help us serve you better! Tell us what you want, tell us about your operations and what information would meet your operation’s needs.

Support On Pasture

On Pasture is supported by readers who appreciate the great content they find here every week.  Make sure articles keep coming by becoming a Member of the On Pasture Community at a level that works for you.  You can also support our columnists by attending their events and buying their materials when they’re useful to you.