May 1, 2017

A Guide to Farming Friendly Solar

As Vermont continues to seek to invest in sustainable energy, interest in on-farm solar generation has grown. (It’s probably no surprise that some of the attributes that make land good for farming also can make it desirable for solar arrays.)  For many communities, this has raised concerns about loss of valuable farm land and impacts […]

September 1, 2014

Getting Paid for Stewardship – Water Quality Trading

You’re probably already reaping the benefits of conservation practices on your operation like better soil, cleaner water, and bigger profits.  But what if you could be paid by others for improving water quality?  It’s a new idea, but one that may provide options for you. Water quality trading is a market-based approach to improving water […]

April 30, 2013

Putting Money Where the Birds Nest

How important, how valuable, is living in a community that strikes a better balance with Nature? And are communities willing to pay for the services that producers provide to meet that balance?

April 22, 2013

Habitat for Flying Humanity

Preparing for this year’s bluebirds, Troy shares how birds benefit him, and the diversity of his farm benefits those that, through loss of habitat, are in danger of becoming homeless.

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