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Habitat for Flying Humanity

By   /  April 22, 2013  /  3 Comments

Preparing for this year’s bluebirds, Troy shares how birds benefit him, and the diversity of his farm benefits those that, through loss of habitat, are in danger of becoming homeless.

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While many agriculturalists are getting inundated with countless bulletins, spreadsheets and meeting
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About the author


Troy Bishopp, aka “The Grass Whisperer” is a seasoned grazier and grasslands advocate who owns, manages and linger-grazes at Bishopp Family Farm in Deansboro, NY with his understanding wife, daughters, grandchildren and parents. Their certified organic custom grazing operation raise dairy heifers, grass-finished beef and backgrounds feeder cattle on 180 acres of owned and leased pastures. Troy also mentors farmers on holistic land management for the Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District and the Upper Susquehanna Coalition as their regional grazing specialist. This award-winning free-lance writer, essayist and photographer maintains a website presence at www.thegrasswhisperer.com


  1. Lorraine Lewandrowski says:

    I also recommend Audubons report on NY grassland bird species

  2. Bill Elkins says:

    Troy- I get paid by NRCS to set aside 30A pasture from Apr thru July for ground nesting birds, which on my farm are mostly Bob-O–Links. I know where they like to go, but 2 yrs ago offered them my recently evacuated winter lot instead so that my cows could graze fresh grass in Bob-O-Link territory. Bad idea. No body came to the party., and me and cows reaped a bumper crop of flies later that summer. So I surrendered and the Bob-oLinks took over again last year. I also find that their nesting grounds provide perfectly fine fall stockpile and the trampled lignin would make you happy too.

    • Rachel Gilker says:

      Hi Bill,
      We’re glad you wrote. Thank you! We’re going to be talking about this NRCS program, and another option from private contributions, in the April 30 issue. It’s great to hear your experience.

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