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Champis the Rabbit Herds SheepGreta Vigren, a Swedish farmer noticed that her 5-year-old pet rabbit, Champis, had a new talent when she let her sheep out to graze for their first time in pasture after a long winter. In her interview with the Huffington Post, Greta says, “He just started to behave like a sheepdog.”

Her friend, Dan Westman, who breeds and trains sheepdogs, shot this video of the rabbit doing his job. He was amazed at what he saw saying “It’s really incredible. I mean I work with sheepdogs and know how hard this is. There are very few dogs that could do what this rabbit does.”

Unfortunately, for those interested in their own herding rabbit, Vigren has no pointers on how to get started training a bunny to become a sheepdog. He picked up the tricks of the trade on his own, perhaps by watching the dogs.

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